Activate - GP health scheme

The Activate Health Scheme is a 12-week support programme. It is designed to introduce you to how regular physical activity can benefit your particular medical condition(s) and general health.

You probably know there are many benefits to participation in regular physical activity. If you have a restrictive medical condition, or have been inactive for a long while, it can be difficult to know where and how to begin. What exercise is safe? What's recommended for you to get the best results?

The Activate Health scheme is all about answering these questions. It gives you the advice and support necessary to make regular physical activity part of your lifestyle.

The Activate aim

The aim of Activate is to help inactive people become regularly active. If you follow the advice given and stick with it, the three months on the scheme will be sufficient time for you to feel the associated health, fitness and ‘feel good benefits’ that being active brings. Will power is required.

At the end of the scheme you should hopefully feel good. You will also be equipped with the knowledge necessary to carry on exercise independently.

Getting started - referral

Patients are identified by their local health professional as suitable for referral to Activate. Alternatively, if you are currently inactive and feel you have the medical need to see an exercise specialist or dietician you can speak to your GP or practice nurse about potential referral.

To ensure sufficient help and support is given to all participants over their twelve weeks on Activate, numbers on the scheme are limited at any one time. After we receive your referral form, there is usually a waiting time. This may vary depending on the availability of a qualified instructor. Limited capacity means participants will only be accepted onto Activate once.

Exercise consultation

Following referral, a free one-to-one consultation is arranged for you. This will take place at Bracknell Leisure Centre with a clinical exercise consultant. The consultant’s role is to educate and give advice on physical activity, especially specific advice linked to health problems. They also help you decide what type of activity is best for you and how best to start out.

The end result of a consultation is a game plan that marries up ways of overcoming any barriers with preferred, but realistic activity choices. One choice is to use the fitness rooms at Bracknell Leisure Centre with your own programme designed for your needs.

Whatever the plan contains, you will need to commit to starting and sticking with it. The Activate team will do their best to make sure this happens by offering support and follow up over the three months.

Weight management service

This service has been set up in partnership with the Activate Health Scheme and it is based at Bracknell Leisure Centre. The service is designed to provide dietary advice and support to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

Phase IV cardiac rehab classes

Cardiac rehabilitation is an active process that takes place after a heart attack or heart surgery. It aims to restore a patient to, and maintain an optimum level of physical and mental well being. It requires patients to assume responsibility for their own health and well being, and to realise their potential to lead an active life.

Patients are either referred by their GP, CHD specialist nurses, or graduate from phase III exercise classes onto the phase IV exercise classes to continue improving their fitness levels.

The cardiac rehab classes run twice a week at Crownwood Community Centre. These exercise classes are instructed by qualified British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR) instructors, so patients can be assured they are in safe and knowledgeable hands. Once referred, participants have an initial consultation. Patients may then attend phase IV classes indefinitely or alternatively choose to partake in the Activate Health scheme. Under the supervision of a BACR instructor, regular attendees of phase IV classes find them motivating because of the friendly, social and supportive environment created by exercising regularly with others who have a similar medical background.

If you would like further information, please feel free to call our office on 01344 355406 or use our enquiry form.

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