Ambarrow Court

Ambarrow Court

Ambarrow Court is an 8.7 hectare (21.5 acres), Local Nature Reserve located in Little Sandhurst between the A321 and the Reading to Guildford railway line.

Ambarrow Court is featured in the Great Places for Circular Walks booklet.

Facilities and key features

Ambarrow Court has:

  • original Victorian features including bamboo, yew hedges and large specimen trees such as Douglas fir and cedar
  • a nature trail suitable for use by wheelchair users and an access ramp through the woodland
  • an interpretation board describing the site’s wildlife and history
  • a permanent orienteering course


Much of the site was once managed as a Victorian country estate, although the original house of 1855 has since been demolished.

"The pleasure grounds and gardens are delightfully laid out, very well timbered with fine specimen trees and shrubs, with Lawns, Rosery, Flower beds and Borders, large Kitchen Garden…

There is some charming woodland, interspersed with winding walks, and the Terrace on the South-West side leads down a flight of stone steps to a small park, comprising rich Grass Land…."

(From auction brochure of "Ambarrow, Crowthorne, Berks", 1932.)


This site contains many habitats including ancient woodland, hazel coppice, marshes, ponds and pools, birch coppice and meadow. Some notable plants include the bluebells and associated spring woodland flowers, cuckoo flower and yellow rattle in the meadow.

Important animals recorded include the stag beetle, noctule bat and glow worm, which appear on the Bracknell Forest Biodiversity Action Plan.

Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

Ambarrow Court is a public open space currently undergoing enhancement works as a SANG in order to create an enjoyable natural environment for recreation, away from the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area.

How to get there

Ambarrow Court has its own car park, off the A321 Wokingham Rd, Sandhurst, GU47 8JB. Please see our location map.

By car

There are two vehicle access points, one to the north through the car park and one to the south.

By foot

Pedestrians can enter via the vehicular access points as well as at the northern end from the National Trust land. Footpaths run near to three sides of the site, with the northern boundary linked to the Ramblers Route.

PDF file downloadDiscover ramblers route in Bracknell Forest (PDF, 4538kb)

Disabled access - a disabled access path runs through Ambarrow Court, including handrails and passing places to allow wheelchair and mobility impaired users to access the range of habitats found throughout the site.

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