Amendments to existing planning permissions

In most instances, if you want to make amendments to the details or plans approved under an existing planning permission you need to make a fresh application. However, in some instances, minor changes to the approved plans and details can be approved. There are two ways to apply for this depending on the type and scale of amendment proposed.

Please note that any proposed amendments to reserved matters, listed building consent, conservation area consent or advertisement consent require a new application; these consents cannot be amended.

Non-material amendments

For minor amendments that are not material when compared to the scale and nature of the planning permission use the non-material amendment application form. Examples include moving a window on a house extension that wouldn't increase overlooking of a neighbouring property.

Non-material amendment application form

This procedure cannot be used if the proposed change would be in direct conflict with an existing condition or would result in changes to a s106 legal agreement. In these cases please see the information below about minor material amendments instead. Examples include changing a garage to a living room if there is a condition saying it has to be used as a garage.

Minor material amendments

For amendments that could have a minor material impact when compared to the scale and nature of the planning permission and where the proposed amendment could be achieved by modifying an existing condition to the original planning permission use the application form for removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission. Examples include relocating an extension closer to a neighbour’s boundary and changing the approved plans condition.

Removal or variation of a condition

If your original planning permission does not have an approved plans condition, you could firstly apply under the non-material amendments procedure to insert an approved plans condition. You could then apply for the minor material amendment afterwards.

Please note that this procedure cannot be used to extend the time limit for implementing a planning permission. This has its own procedure and application form.

Extension of time application form

Amendments which are not minor

If your proposed amendment does not fit into the categories above, you will need to make a fresh planning application. 

You can make one free resubmission of a planning application within 12 months of the original permission being granted if it is for the same development. It may, therefore, be possible to make a free application for the amendment. This will depend on whether the proposed amendment would change the character of the development.

If the amendment would change the character of the development, or more than 12 months have passed, or the 'free go' has already been used up, the usual planning application fee would apply depending on the development type.

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