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There are many different forms of 'exercise' or 'keep fit' classes and the secret is to find a style that you enjoy. In general, an exercise class will be carried out in a group setting with an instructor at the front demonstrating the required moves, counting the repetitions and maintaining the momentum. Most exercise classes are performed to music (with varying degrees of dance/co-ordination) and concentrating on different body parts.

The name of the class usually indicates what style to expect, for example, legs, bums and tums. Classes should also indicate the level of intensity (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and may allow participants to select their level of participation according to their fitness level. Many gyms offer a wide variety of exercise classes for participants to take:


Timetables and programmes showing the weekly sessions are given below.

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BodyBeats - exercise studio at Bracknell Leisure Centre


Some exercise classes, in particular yoga and pilates, are sold as a course for the purpose of progression and development. Look here for coaching course brochures:

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Sports courses at Bracknell Leisure Centre

Water-based aerobics (aqua-robics/l'eau-robics)

Another fun way to exercise in a class setting is in the water. Not only do you use the water as resistance but it supports the body weight and so is therefore very easy on the joints.   

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Swimming courses at Bracknell Leisure Centre

Governing bodies

Relevant governing bodies are:           

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