Site inspections

Request an inspection

An officer will only come out on a site visit if a valid building regulations application has been submitted. If you contact us before 10am we can usually call the same day. You can request an inspection:

Your builder or agent can request inspections on your behalf however it is the home owner's responsibility to ensure all inspections are carried out.

Stages of work

When you have submitted a full plans application or building notice and you are ready to start work you must notify us at various stages of the work. This will depend on what work is being carried out and will be explained in the guidance notes you will receive with the acknowledgement letter.

These are the usual stages of work that we inspect:

  • commencement of work
  • foundation excavations
  • foundation concrete
  • damp proof courses
  • oversite preparation
  • damp proof membranes
  • drains before covering
  • intermediate floor structures
  • roofs
  • major structural members such as beams and columns
  • occupation
  • completion

In addition to these we will usually ask for pressure tests of all drainage, and tests of fire detection and alarm systems.

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