Better Care Fund

In June 2013 the Government set up the national Better Care Fund. It is designed to bring improvements in the way health and social care services work together. It is an opportunity for change, so that people receive the right care and support at the right time, in the right place.

The fund creates a single pooled budget to help the NHS and local government work more closely together by placing an individual’s well-being at the centre of health and care services.

The Bracknell Forest Better Care Fund

The PDF file downloadBracknell Forest Better Care Fund (PDF, 1114kb) is a partnership between the council and the Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group.

In October 2014 the Department of Health approved the Bracknell Forest plan with support. The plan sets out how the partnership will use the fund to further integrate health and care to provide a better experience for local people.

This vision for Bracknell Forest has three key elements.


Our focus will be on health, not illness. The population will be happier, healthier and active for longer; through having access to better information and support to make the right choices.


Our care and support will respond to the individuals’ choices and needs. This will begin with ensuring that people only have to tell their story once. We will then support them and their carers to achieve the outcomes that are important to them.


An integrated system across health and social care will develop with the individual at its centre. Improvement will also be driven by partnership with local people and learning from what they tell us about their health and experiences of using our services.

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