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Don't forget you can use our online leisure booking system to book your classes.


The Platinum membership package includes all classes except for a small charge on yoga, pilates, mum-a-baby and BodyBeats badminton*. You can also pay as you go. 

For class descriptions and a complete list of available classes please see:   

BodyBeats fitness class brochure

BodyPump, BodyJam, BodyBalance, BodyCombat, RPM

Session  Member  Non-member 
 Peak £5.35 £7.45
 Off-peak** £4.85 £6.95

Best of three, Hips/Bums/Tums, Body Conditioning, Zumba

 Session Member    Non-member
 Peak £4.50 £6.60
 Off-peak** £4.05 £5.75

Armageddon, Bootcamp, Insanity, Strictly FitSteps

 Session  Member  Non-member
 Peak £3.85           £5.95          
 Off-peak** £3.30           £5.40          

Other exercise classes

Session  Member  Non-member  Time (minutes)
Pilates £7.05 £9.15  75
Yoga £6.20 £8.30  90
L'eau Robics £5.05 £7.15  45
Ladies M-sport £4.80 £6.90  60
Mum-a-baby £4.30 £6.40  45
Intense 30 £2.95 £5.05  30

*Yoga and Pilates - additional £2.80/session for Platinum members. Badminton charged at members' rate.

**Off-peak - classes held on weekdays between 9am to 5pm and after 2pm on weekends. 

Please note our classes are suitable for those aged 16+ years.

Fit for Life sessions

If you are 50+ why not enjoy our Fit for Life sessions designed with you in mind! These sessions offer customers the choice of various activities. They include swimming, zumba, badminton, tennis, yoga and Forest Spa for one low-cost ticket. For more details please see our brochures

Fit for Life

Our Fit for Life sessions will support you to:

  • increase flexibility, mobility, strength, stamina and aerobic fitness
  • reduce the risks associated with heart disease, blood pressure, stroke and weak bones
  • aid stress relief
  • socialise and have fun

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