Bracknell Forest Equality Scheme

The Equality Scheme sets out what the council intends to achieve in terms of equality and diversity over 2012-16 and includes the council’s equality objectives. The Equality Scheme Action Plan details how we will deliver on and know we have achieved these objectives.

The ‘All of Us’ Equality Scheme developed in 2012 was due to be updated and replaced in April 2016. However, following the May 2015 local elections, the council’s new administration developed and approved a new Council Plan which came into effect in November 2016. It was therefore agreed to extend the life of this Scheme until April 2017. The Council Plan includes a commitment to review all council services over the next four years and a new narrative which underlines the council’s commitment to reducing inequalities.

The “All of Us” Equality Scheme will continue to be monitored for 2016-17 and a new scheme developed for 2017-20 in line with the Council plan.

Equality Scheme impact reports and Action Plan monitoring

The following reports detail the progress made during 2015 to 2016 in implementing the 'All of Us' Equality Scheme and its action plan:

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