Bracknell Forest Equality Scheme 2012-16

The Equality Scheme sets out what the council intends to achieve in terms of equality and diversity over 2012-16 and includes the council’s equality objectives. The Equality Scheme Action Plan details how we will deliver on and know we have achieved these objectives.

The scheme’s objectives were selected with the participation and involvement of a diverse range of community groups, partners and the council’s staff and elected members during 2011-12.

The scheme replaces the council's 'All of Us' Community Cohesion Strategy 2008-2012 and our separate race, gender and disability equality schemes. If you would like past performance information from before 2011, please contact the Community Engagement and Equalities Team.

Many of the objectives within the council’s previous Equality Schemes and Community Cohesion Strategy have now become part of the council’s day to day work, for example delivering equality and diversity training. These are highlighted in section 5 of the Equality Scheme.

Equality Scheme impact reports and Action Plan monitoring

The following reports detail the progress made during 2014 to 2015 in implementing the council's 'All of Us' Equality Scheme and its action plan:

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