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Bracknell bus station

Changes to supported bus services

Bus services supported by Bracknell Forest Council are changing from 13 July 2015.

These are services the council helps pay for because the commercial bus companies would not run them without our support. Supported services provide links between local communities and essential services such as health centres, workplaces, schools and colleges and food shops.

Because the council is involved financially in these services, we have a role in setting the routes and timetables.

What are the changes?

Some bus routes will remain the same, some have changed and some are new. A table of the key changes and a map of the revised routes are shown below. All supported services will be run by Courtney Buses from 13 July 2015.

Fares will stay broadly the same. Detailed information regarding fares and timetables will be available on the Courtney Buses website from 22 June 2015. The council will be distributing leaflets and making people aware of the changes over the coming weeks.

‘Real Time’ information

Courtney buses are fitted with special technology so they can be tracked as they are driven round their routes. This makes it possible to predict when the bus is likely to arrive at each stop, and allows passengers to plan their journeys better.

To get this this information, you can:

Real time information will be displayed in minutes, for example, ‘6 mins’. Where real time information is not available, timetable information will be displayed in the usual clock format – for example, ‘11:47’.

In the coming weeks you may see a ‘QR’ code at your bus stop, similar to the one below. Scan this code with your smart phone to be taken directly to a website showing real time information for that stop.

QR code for bus real time information

Routes and timetables

Links to the websites of the main bus operators showing routes and timetables are on our web page about bus routes and timetables. For information on fares, please contact the bus operator directly.

Alternatively, the Traveline website provides timetable, route and bus stop information together with maps to help you plan a bus journey. You can also telephone Traveline on 0871 200 2233 to speak to someone about a bus-related question.

Changes to Bracknell bus station

Major improvement work is getting closer to completion at Bracknell bus station. The work is part of the town centre regeneration and includes new waiting shelters with real-time information, new paving and cycle facilities, and re-surfacing. We would like to thank bus users for their patience and understanding while the works have been taking place.

Concessionary bus fares

Residents who have reached the qualifying age or who are eligible through disability can apply for a national concessionary bus pass. The scheme allows pass holders to travel on local bus services for free at weekends and at off-peak times during the week.

For more information visit our page about the travel concessions scheme.

Combined rail and bus tickets - PlusBus

PlusBus is a discounted bus ticket for people making a combined rail and bus journey. It allows unlimited local bus travel around town at the start, the end, or on both ends of your train journey.

For more information, and a map showing the area you can use a Bracknell PlusBus ticket, download our PlusBus leaflet or visit the national PlusBus website:

Bus shelters

Shelters managed by the borough council are inspected regularly. If you notice any damage or vandalism please contact us.

Some of the older looking, green coloured bus shelters are the responsibility of Bracknell Town Council. You can report issues to them by calling 01344 420079.

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