Bus routes and timetables

Changes to Bracknell bus station

Major improvement work is taking place at Bracknell bus station. The work is part of the town centre regeneration and will include new waiting shelters with real-time information, re-surfacing, new paving and new cycle facilities.

Bays at the bus station will be closed in ranks of three to reduce inconvenience as much as possible. The first three bays to be closed are 7, 8 and 9. Please look out for more information and details of where to catch your bus at the bus station.

Online journey planner

You can use the Traveline website to find bus timetable or route information. You can also call them on 0871 200 2233. Where appropriate, the Traveline website also includes information about using other types of public transport for your journey.


Overview of bus routes in Bracknell Forest

Please use the link below for an overview of bus routes in Bracknell Forest:

First - Bracknell area map (showing bus routes)

Bus route maps and timetables

Bus no Bus route and map Timetable
B1 PDF file downloadGreat Hollands - Bracknell town centre (PDF, 334kb) First
B2 PDF file downloadBracknell town centre - Crown Wood - Birch Hill (PDF, 445kb) First
B3 PDF file downloadBracknell town centre - Birch Hill - Crown Wood (PDF, 444kb) First
B5 PDF file downloadBracknell town centre - Harmans Water (PDF, 384kb)  First
53 PDF file downloadBinfield - Bracknell - Maidenhead - Wexham Park Hospital (PDF, 788kb) First
90 PDF file downloadBracknell town centre - Wokingham - Reading (PDF, 1206kb) First
94 PDF file downloadBracknell town centre - Crowthorne - Sandhurst - Camberley (PDF, 1606kb)  First
108 PDF file downloadJennett's Park - Bracknell town centre (PDF, 284kb) First
122 PDF file downloadWoosehill - Wokingham - Finchampstead - Crowthorne (PDF, 441kb) Courtney buses
152 Winkfield - Warfield - Bracknell town centre Courtney
153 Warfield - Bracknell town centre - Priestwood - Binfield First
154 Bracknell town centre - Bullbrook Courtney
156 Bracknell town centre - The Parks Courtney
162 Bracknell town centre - Garth - Warfield - Winkfield Row - Ascot Courtney
171 Bracknell town centre - Birch Hill - Great Hollands Courtney timetable
172 Bracknell town centre - Great Hollands - Birch Hill Courtney timetable
189 Jennetts Park - Wokingham - Reading Courtney
190 Reading - Wokingham - Bracknell First 190 timetable
191 Bracknell town centre - Ascot - Windsor First timetable
194 Bracknell town centre - Crowthorne - Sandhurst - Camberley Courtney timetable
199  Courtney buses Courtney timetable 
598 Camberley - The Meadows - Little Sandhurst Courtney timetable
701/2 Bracknell town centre - Ascot - Windsor- London Greenline timetable
White service 1 Ascot - Windsor - Ascot White timetable

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