Bus information, routes and timetables

Changes to bus services from 1 August

There will be some minor timetable changes off-peak to the 171 and 172 services, and extended early morning and late evening services.

The 194 service will have a new timetable to improve reliability, and more services at peak times and on early Saturday mornings.

As a result of central government's challenge to council budgets, the council-supported 157 and 158 services will run on an hourly basis from 1 August. The 157 will leave the bus station on the hour and the 158 on the half-hour.

Details of all these changes can be found on the Courtney Buses website.

Routes and timetables

Courtney Buses

Operates local services in Bracknell as well as services to Maidenhead, Wexham Park Hospital, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Camberley and Wokingham.

For route maps and timetables of the following Courtney Buses services please go to the Courtney Buses website - 53, 108, 150, 151/151A, 156, 157, 158, 162/162A, 171, 172, 192, 194, 299 and 598.


Operates the 702 service to London via Legoland, Windsor and Slough.

For a timetable for the 702 service go to the First website and search for this route.

Reading Buses

Operates services to Reading via Wokingham.

For timetables of the 4 and X4 service please go to the Reading Buses website.


The commercial service operated by Stagecoach between Bracknell and Camberley, the 94, was withdrawn with effect from 12 March 2016. This decision was taken by Stagecoach.

Online journey planner

You can use the Traveline website to find more detailed bus timetable or route information. Where appropriate, the Traveline website also includes information about using other types of public transport for your journey.


'Real Time' information

Courtney buses are fitted with special technology so they can be tracked as they are driven round their routes. This makes it possible to predict when the bus is likely to arrive at each stop, and allows passengers to plan their journeys better.

To get this this information, you can:

Real time information will be displayed in minutes, for example, ‘6 mins’. Where real time information is not available, timetable information will be displayed in the usual clock format – for example, ‘11:47’.

You may see a ‘QR’ code at your bus stop similar to the one below. Scan this code with your smart phone to be taken directly to a website showing real time information for that stop.

QR code for bus real time information

Combined rail and bus tickets - PlusBus

PlusBus is a discounted bus ticket for people making a combined rail and bus journey. It allows unlimited local bus travel around town at the start, the end, or on both ends of your train journey.

For more information, and a map showing the area you can use a Bracknell PlusBus ticket visit the PlusBus website.

Bus shelters

Shelters managed by the borough council are inspected regularly. If you notice any damage or vandalism please contact us.

Some of the older looking, green coloured bus shelters are the responsibility of Bracknell Town Council. You can report issues to them by calling 01344 420079.

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