Challenging your parking fine

To challenge your fine select the option below that applies to you:

I have not received a Notice to Owner (NTO) form

If you haven't received an NTO form:
  • the PCN can be informally challenged within 28 days
  • and if you think you should not have to pay the penalty you can use the PCN informal challenge form to tell us why
  • verbal or telephone challenges will not be accepted
  • Indigo UK, the council's contractor, will either accept or reject a challenge and inform you in writing
  • and if you do not challenge PCN or pay the charge within 28 days (from date of issue), you will receive a Notice to Owner explaining the next stage.

Please note that the charge is discounted if paid within 14 days.

I have received a Notice to Owner (NTO) form

If after 28 days the PCN remains unpaid, or if a balance is outstanding, a Notice to Owner form will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. On receiving a Notice to Owner, there are two options:

  • pay the PCN
  • make a formal representation using the NTO form you have been sent or by completing the online formal representation form

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