Composting and food waste

About a third of waste produced in the average household can be composted at home. This includes fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, eggshells, cardboard, newspaper, grass clippings, flowers and hedge trimmings.

Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a national initiative to try and address the issue of food waste. It offers practical tips about a range of food saving measures from planning to food portioning, and from better food storage to using up leftovers.

More information is available on the Love Food Hate Waste website.

How to reduce food waste

Around a third of all food we buy ends up being thrown away and most of this could have been eaten.

If we stopped wasting all this good food, we could have a huge impact on the environment. This is the equivalent of taking one in five cars off UK roads.

Home compost bins

Home composters could be used in the majority of homes with gardens to reduce a significant proportion of wasted food.

re3 has an arrangement for Bracknell Forest residents to get composters, water butts and a wormery at competitive prices. For more information on prices and the products available visit the get composting website.

Residents who would like to exchange their current green landfill bin for a smaller one may receive a free composter. Please contact customer services if you would like to do this.

Food digesters - green cones

A food digester called a green cone could be used. A green cone reduces waste to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and a small residue. The solar-heated garden unit takes all cooked and uncooked food waste including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit.

To find out more about green cones and how to order one please go to the Great Green Systems website.

More advice

More information and advice about composting is available on the recyclenow website.

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for tips, recipes and much more. Alternatively, you can call their helpline if you have any questions on 0808 1002040.

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