Contribute to an overview and scrutiny review

Residents of Bracknell Forest, community groups, or other key stakeholders are encouraged to submit written evidence to assist our overview and scrutiny inquiries.

Written evidence provides individuals/groups the opportunity to influence council policy and the way services are delivered.

What do I need to provide?

Written submissions should contain:

  • factual evidence and information from which conclusions can be drawn
  • any suggested recommendations for action by the council or others, which you would like considered by the commission or panel

Written evidence may be published by the commission or panel along with the final report. If any part of the evidence is confidential or if you wish to remain anonymous please state this clearly in your submission.

Evidence can be submitted by email, or post. Please address it to the committee/ panel chairman and send it to the Overview and Scrutiny Team.

In addition to formal written submissions, any comments on current inquiries can be sent by post or email to the Overview and Scrutiny Team.

Oral Evidence

Members of the public, community groups, and other key stakeholders may be invited to give evidence in person at an overview and scrutiny meeting. This gives Overview and Scrutiny commission/panel members a chance to discuss issues at first hand with the experts or to allow witnesses to elaborate on written evidence.

Usually, oral evidence will only be sought from an individual or group who has/have already submitted written evidence. In this situation, it is helpful to combine the oral evidence with a written brief that commission/panel members can study in advance of the meeting. This assists members in identifying the questions they wish to ask and makes for a more productive meeting.

For more information on giving evidence, please see our guidance documents.

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