Council performance

The council is a multi-million pound organisation responsible for a vast range of services and resources and so an overall, corporate approach to service delivery and improvement is essential. With this approach the council successfully balances competing priorities and maintains an overview of its performance across the whole council.

Performance is reviewed each quarter by assessing progress against objectives and targets, so that corrective action can be taken promptly if needed. The council believes in the premise that ‘what gets measured is what gets done’.

Latest quarterly performance data

At the end of each quarter, the Chief Executive provides a high level summary report of performance across all services to the Executive. This report identifies achievements as well as areas of concern and demonstrates how action is being taken where it is required.

The PDF file downloadCouncil Plan Overview Report (PDF, 582kb) provides an overview of the council's performance from 1 July to 30 September. It includes:

  • a commentary from the Chief Executive covering the key sections from the five Quarterly Service Reports
  • a table of the Key Indicators showing performance against target and trend structured by department
  • an overview of complaints
  • information about resources and finance

For corporate performance overview reports prior to this date, please contact the Performance and Partnerships team.

Performance against key indicators

The council measures a wide range of quantifiable performance data across all of its services. It has identified those indicators that it considers to be key and which give an overall picture of the operational activity of the council’s core activities and services. Across the council, these show that the current status is:

  • 36 (76.6%) green – (on, above or within 5% of target)
  • 3 (6.4%) amber – (between 5% and 10% of target)
  • 8 (17%) red – (more than 10% from target)

Quarterly Service Reports

Each quarter, all service departments produce a report on their performance against the objectives and targets set in their Service Plan.

These reports are reviewed by the appropriate Departmental Management Team, the Corporate Management Team, elected Members and Scrutiny Panels. This allows the council to monitor its progress overtime, identify emerging issues and take reasonable action.

For performance reports prior to this date, please contact the Performance and Partnerships team.


The PDF file downloadAnnual Benchmarking Report (PDF, 2439kb) (produced in October 2016) shows how Bracknell Forest Council is performing against the other English unitary authorities. The data is continually being updated, so take a look at the Council Plan 2015 – 2019 Benchmarking Report for the current position.

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