Council tax - discount

Your full council tax bill is based on at least two adults (over 18 years) living in a property. You may be eligible for discount if you live alone or if some of the people you live with do not count for council tax purposes.

If you are in receipt of any discount, reduction or exemption you must tell us if you are no longer entitled to receive it or if your circumstances change; failure to do so could result in you having to pay a penalty of £70.

Single person’s discounts

If you are the only person over 18 years old who lives in your home you may be entitled to a discount of 25%.

To apply for a single person’s discount please complete the apply for a council tax discount or reduction form.

Discounts for people who aren't counted

Certain people are not counted when working out the number of adults who live in your property. These include:

  • certain people in prison or detention
  • the severely mentally impaired
  • school pupils, school leavers and people for whom child benefit is still payable
  • certain 18 and 19 year olds
  • certain full-time students
  • non-British spouses of full-time students
  • student nurses
  • registered foreign language assistants
  • apprentices
  • youth training trainees
  • patients resident in hospital, hostels or nursing or care homes
  • care workers
  • carers
  • people with a relevant association with an international Headquarters and Defence Organisation
  • members of visiting forces
  • diplomats
  • members of religious communities

If you are left with one person after counting the residents that are not in the above list you may qualify for a discount of 25%.

Please complete the apply for a council tax discount or reduction form.

Second homes (furnished properties)

There is no discount in respect of a furnished property which is nobody’s sole or main residence. This includes furnished property owned by a landlord during periods where there is no tenancy agreement in place.

A discount of 50% still applies to a second home that is specifically job-related, such as when a publican is required to live on the premises but maintains a main home elsewhere.

Unoccupied and unfurnished properties

With effect from 1 April 2016, property which becomes unoccupied and unfurnished is no longer entitled to any discount. Full council tax is payable on all properties unless certain specific circumstances apply (further details can be found on our exemptions page).

If a property should remain unoccupied and unfurnished for two years or more, an additional premium of 50% will be payable until such a time as the property is reoccupied.

Please note that the above applies to the property, not to the responsible person, and is regardless of any change of liability during the unoccupied period.

Band reduction for the disabled

If you or somebody you live with is disabled you may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax. If a reduction is granted your council tax bill will be reduced to match that of a property one band lower.

If you think you may qualify please complete the apply for a council tax discount or reduction form.

Annexe discount

From 1 April 2014 a 50% reduction in the payable council tax is available for annexes which form part of a single property (within the grounds of the main house but not necessarily attached) and are:

  • used by the occupier of the main house as part of the main home, or
  • are occupied by a relative of the person living in the main house

The 50% reduction is on top of any other discount you or your relative may be entitled to but will be applied against the balance payable.

If you think you qualify for this discount please complete the apply for a council tax discount or reduction form.

There are some circumstances where no council tax is payable in respect of an annexe. These can be found on our exemptions page.

Discount fraud

The council is committed to ensuring that discounts are only awarded to people who are entitled to them and we regularly conduct reviews of these discounts. However, if you know of someone who you think may be claiming a discount that they are not entitled to, please contact Revenue Services to report it.

Please note that due to Data Protection we cannot tell you any information about any investigation that results from your allegation, but please be assured that we will take the matter seriously.

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