Credit Union

What is a Credit Union?

The Credit Union is a not-for profit ethical community bank serving local people with affordable loans, savings and bank accounts. They have ‘members’ rather than shareholders, and so all interest and profits are invested in the company to offer better services. In Bracknell Forest the Credit Union is called United Savings and Loans.

You can get a variety of different money saving and budgeting options through United Savings and Loans.

Current accounts

Current accounts for people who may have been turned away from high street banks. They can be opened even if you struggle to provide ID, or if you have a low credit rating or are bankrupt. With our current accounts, you can set up direct debits and standing orders, and withdraw money from Link cash machines. If you are interested in opening a current account, please email or call them on 023 9282 7980.

HomeSaver and HomeSaver PLUS accounts

HomeSaver and HomeSaver PLUS accounts are a great way to save up a deposit for your first or next home. The account can only be unlocked by your landlord, and so you can resist the temptation to spend your hard earned savings. For the HomeSaver PLUS account, the credit union will arrange a cash loan to make up any shortfall on your deposit. For more information about the HomeSaver and HomeSaver PLUS accounts, please call the council on 01344 352010.

For more information on other services that United Savings and Loans can provide, visit the United Savings and Loans website.

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