Death - certificates

You can purchase death certificates at the time of registration, or afterwards using our death certificate copy online form.

Alternatively, you can call us with the details of the registration and a credit or debit card number.

Standard and Premium Services are available for the issue of copy certificates. Please see the general information about copy certificates page for more information about delivery/collection options.

Please note that once the certificate has been posted, it is no longer the responsibility of the council and all claims for missing items should be addressed to Royal Mail directly.


Please see the general information about copy certificates page for more information.

Further information

Various organisations need to examine a death certificate. Many will return this promptly but some may need to keep the document.

The following organisations may require a certificate but are likely to return it:

  • banks
  • building societies
  • pension companies
  • premium bonds and national savings
  • life insurance/assurance
  • local authority - for council tax purposes
  • accountants
  • inland revenue
  • travel bookings - if you need to cancel any travel/holiday bookings
  • council housing and social services

Funeral directors will only require a registrar’s certificate if a pre-paid plan has been set up.

Contracts and agreements, tenancies, hire purchases, mobile phones may need a registrar’s certificate to terminate.

If the estate goes to probate a registrar’s certificate will be required and not returned.

For shares, companies need to keep a registrar’s certificate, other arrangements may apply to shares in nominee accounts.

Certificates are crown copyright and should not be photocopied for official purposes.

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