Departmental service plans

To sustain focus over the short term, the strategic themes and the key measures of success are translated into service delivery priorities through departmental Service Plans.

These Service Plans set out a work programme for the next three years for each department. The plans include:

  • an overview of the work of the department
  • an explanation of the department’s budget position
  • details of the Council Plan Indicators for each theme
  • details of the actions for each theme which will deliver the key measures of success including a named lead officer for each, and dates for delivery milestones
  • where relevant additional operational priorities in terms of actions and performance indicators

The Service Plans will be refreshed annually to update them with any new actions for the next period.

Service plans form the starting point for the preparation of section and team plans as well as individual employee appraisals, which establish personal objectives and development plans for the year ahead.

Progress against the service plans is reported in the Quarterly Service Reports and summarised in a quarterly overview report, found on the council performance page

Latest departmental service plans

For any service plans prior to this year, please contact the Performance and Partnerships Team.

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