Development plan

Emerging Comprehensive Local Plan

The council is progressing a Comprehensive Local Plan for the borough until 2036. Further information is set out on Comprehensive Local Plan page

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme is a 3 year work programme that sets out the planning policy documents the council will produce. The council's latest local development scheme came into effect on 23 November 2016. The previous version came into effect on 30 June 2015 and is referred to in the PDF file downloadAuthority Monitoring Report 2015-2016: Progress against the Local Development Scheme (PDF, 385kb).

PDF file downloadLocal Development Scheme 2016 (PDF, 509kb)

PDF file downloadLocal Development Scheme 2015 (PDF, 944kb)

Core Strategy

This is a high level document containing the council’s long-term aspirations for the borough and policies to guide and manage development in Bracknell Forest until 2026. It was adopted by the council on 7 February 2008.

The relevant documents are:

Site Allocations Local Plan

The Site Allocations Local Plan helps implement the adopted Core Strategy. It identifies sites for future housing and other development and, ensures that appropriate infrastructure is identified and delivered alongside new development and also revises some designations on the policies map. It was adopted by the council on 17 July 2013.

The relevant documents are:

Bracknell Forest Borough Local Plan 2002

Although some of these policies have been dropped, many were ‘saved’ by the Secretary of State beyond 27 September 2007 and remain in effect.

Some have been subsequently replaced by new policies in the adopted Core Strategy and adopted Site Allocations Local Plan.

The relevant documents are:

Policies map

This map shows designations relating to ‘saved’ policies in the Bracknell Forest Borough Local Plan, Core Strategy designations, and sites allocated for development in the Site Allocations Local Plan. It was adopted by the council on 17 July 2013.

The maps by area are:

The designations can also be viewed on Public Adopted Policy Plan map.

Binfield Neighbourhood Plan

The Binfield Neighbourhood Plan was prepared and written by Binfield Parish Council. Following a successful independent examination and a majority voting in favour of making the Plan at a local referendum on 3 March 2016, the Neighbourhood Plan was bought into legal force by the council on 20 April 2016.
It now forms part of the Development Plan for Bracknell Forest and is used in determining planning applications in Binfield Parish.

The relevant documents are:
Background documents on the Binfield Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Binfield Parish Neighbourhood Area webpage.

Minerals and waste

Replacement Minerals Local Plan (adopted May 2001)

This plan was intended to ensure that minerals were extracted at the right pace throughout the period to the end of 2006, and that there are enough planning permissions for mineral extraction at the end of that period for a further seven years of extraction (to the end of 2013). The plan also contains a number of development management policies. 

The relevant documents are:

Waste Local Plan for Berkshire (adopted December 1998)

This covered the period to 2006. Its policies control different types of waste management development and ensure that waste development is in the least environmentally sensitive locations. They also secure waste minimisation and recycling in new development.

The relevant documents are:

Minerals and waste planning policy is currently under review.

Minerals and Waste Plan to 2036

Minerals and Waste Plan to 2036

South East Plan

The South East Plan was partially revoked on 25 March 2013. Policy NRM6, which deals with the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, remains in place.

There relevant documents are:

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