Disabled people - parking bays

Residential streets

The council can provide parking bays for disabled people in residential streets if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Applicants should:

  • not already have accessible on-plot parking available
  • frequently use a vehicle registered at the address
  • have a valid Blue Badge*

They should also qualify for the higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance. If they are over 65 and not in receipt of the higher rate then an alternative assessment will be made.

In addition, a needs assessment will be carried out based on the information provided with the application form and medical questionnaire.

PDF file downloadApplication form and questionnaire (PDF, 79kb)

Please note that on-street disabled parking bays cannot be provided where they might result in a road safety problem.

* You can find out more about Blue Badges on our Disabled people - parking permits - Blue Badge page.

Town centre

Spaces are available in a number of locations in and around the town centre.

Blue Badge holders are reminded to park in accordance with the guidance issued with the badge. Please ensure that your badge and clock are displayed correctly when required.

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