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Easthamstead Cemetery and Crematorium

Religious services

A total of thirty minutes is reserved for each service and a local minister to your area would normally take the service. This is arranged by your funeral director who will ask if you require the service to take place directly at the crematorium or in your own church before you reach the crematorium. In this case the minister would carry out the "committal" service at the crematorium which lasts around ten minutes. Otherwise a full service will take place which may comprise a sermon, prayers, a reading and perhaps one or two hymns.

Civil funerals

In 2002, a new funeral ceremony became available in England - the civil funeral. A civil funeral provides the opportunity to create, with the help and support of a professional civil funeral celebrant, the most appropriate and meaningful ceremony for this final act of love and respect.

The celebrant works closely with the funeral director and maintains personal involvement with the bereaved family from the initial meeting through to creating and leading the ceremony. A civil funeral can be held almost anywhere with the exception of religious buildings and churches. The ceremony is appropriate for either a cremation or burial. Your funeral director can help assist you in selecting a local celebrant or officiant. You can also find out more information from the following organisations:

Humanist ceremonies

An increasing number of people are now arranging more secular events where the families have greater input in the content of the funeral service. For more information visit the website of the British Humanist Association. Humanists offer a personal and dignified funeral ceremony for those who have chosen to live without religion.

British Humanist Association

Ethnic minority services

It is our intention to offer a high standard of care and options which enables each member of the community regardless of their beliefs and culture to have a cremation service which is meaningful to them and their loved ones.

Viewing services online and other audio visual options

The chapel at Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium is equipped with a high quality sound system which also includes a recording system offering audio CD, DVD and live webcast streaming.

Webcast (viewing services online)

Sometimes it is not possible for people to attend a funeral service. This could be due to ill health or perhaps living many miles away or even abroad. To miss out on a funeral service of a loved one or close friend can be very difficult. Friends and family who are unable to travel to the Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium can watch funeral services online.

A digital camera fixed unobtrusively at the rear of the main chapel can broadcast services via the internet to computers across the world. It  can be accessed through a secure password-protected website. The applicant who is the authorised family member/friend/loved one will instruct their funeral director who is to be given the password. There is unlimited access for the authorised members of families and friends to watch online for a week after the service.

The camera can see the catafalque, minister or officiant and the majority of those in the congregation. The view is intended to be as if you are sitting there attending the service. Please remember it is not as a television program would be with lots of cameras and different angles being shot.

CD and DVD recordings of the service can also be purchased.

Audio visual

We also have two large screens capable of displaying a photograph of your loved one throughout the service and/or a photographic tribute during the service. These  can be accompanied by music. A screen in the entrance hall can also show a single photograph of your loved one to the mourners whilst entering the chapel.

Each option is described in our audio visual leaflet. This leaflet describes each option to aid you in choosing the right one for your loved one’s service and provides some assistance to those conducting or taking part in services that are being recorded.

Important notice: Please note that multiple images for audio visual tributes have to be sent to Wesley Music no later than three working days before your service. If your service is on Monday at 9.30am, your images have to be supplied by 9.30am on the Thursday of the previous week.

PDF file downloadAudio and visual options (PDF, 395kb)

How to find us

The cemetery and crematorium are located on South Road off the Nine Mile Ride (B3430) within easy reach of the M3 and M4 motorways. Please go to our how to find us page for more information and a map.

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