Easy read resources

Please use these easy read resources if you would like more information on a number of topics. They are for people with learning disabilities and autism.


Staying safe online and on the phone

This booklet is to help people with learning disabilities stay safe when using social media and the internet.

Using the R-Bus

This booklet tells you about the R-Bus and how to use it.

This booklet tells you about changes to the R-bus ticket, from May 2016.

Using a Taxi

This booklet tells you how to use a taxi.

Safe Place scheme

This booklet explains what our Safe Place scheme is and how it works.

More information about the Safe Place scheme is also available.

Hate and Mate crime

Information about hate crime and mate crime is available in this booklet, which explains what these things are and how to stay safe.

Direct Payments

Information on receiving direct payments is available in this booklet.

Rally Round

Rally round gives information about an app which can help families and friends manage the care they give to someone.

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