Candidate's reporting on spending

Candidates (and political parties) are subject to limits on their spending during the regulated period of an election. Election expenses returns are required to provide accountability and transparency.

All candidates at an election are required to submit a Declaration and Return of Expenses to the Returning Officer within a statutory timescale, whether or not they were elected and even if no spending was incurred.

These documents are then made available for inspection for the following statutory periods:

  • UK Parliamentary Election: 2 years from receipt (public notice must be given in two or more local newspapers)
  • European Parliamentary Election: 1 year (public notice must be given in the region)
  • Local Government – Borough elections: 2 years from receipt
  • Local Government – Parish elections: 1 year from receipt

With the exception of the European Parliamentary election expenses returns, the documents can be inspected at the Electoral Office at Easthampstead House during normal working hours and a copy can be provided (on receipt of the statutory fee for each side of page – please contact Electoral Services for details of the current fee).

European Parliamentary election expenses returns for the South East Region are held by the Returning Officer for those elections – please contact Electoral Services for contact details.

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