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Floral Point

4 West view
Market Street
RG12 1AJ

Tel: 01344 531532
Email: info@floralpoint.co.uk

Experienced florist offering high class bouquets, arrangements and funeral work.


10% off orders of £20 or above

Early Bird Florist

7 Oakmeade Place
Terrace Road South
RG42 4JF

Tel: 01344 451064
Email: wpearcebill@aol.com
Website: www.earlybirdflorists.co.uk

Family run florist


10 per cent discount off any purchase over £20

Sandhurst Flowers

20 Yorktown Road
GU47 9DT

Tel: 01252 872294
Email: info@sandhurstflowers.co.uk
Website: www.sandhurstflowers.co.uk

Long established and experienced florist, offering superb flowers and plants in new beautiful premises


Free local delivery in Sandhurst, Little Sandhurst, Owlsmoor and College Town

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