Fairness and opportunity

Equality and diversity is about fairness and opportunity for all. The council is committed to making Bracknell Forest the borough of opportunity for everyone.

The council delivers a large range of services to a community that has a mixture of needs, wants and expectations. Our focus is on finding modern, efficient routes to resolve customer issues, with courtesy and innovation at the centre of what we do.

We are also committed to being an ‘Employer of Choice’, providing a supportive work environment, and ensuring that our workforce reflects the community we serve.

Within the principles of fairness and opportunity we believe that:

  • reducing inequalities benefits everyone in the borough
  • strengthening community unity makes for a better borough
  • understanding and promoting diversity improves people’s lives

We recognise that to provide excellent customer services we need to regularly review the changing needs of our communities. We need to provide fair and appropriate access to services that are tailored to meet the needs of our residents. It is not about political correctness but ensuring that the council is providing services in a way that does not exclude anyone.

The service we provide

The council needs to make sure its services are accessible and that customers are treated fairly and equally by:

  • considering the impact of policy changes on different groups in our workforce and the community
  • ensuring buildings are physically accessible
  • involving customers in service design and development
  • using customer data to ensure that everyone can access services and is fairly treated
  • checking if there is anyone not using services who should be
  • recognising and celebrating differences within and between individuals and groups

Our performance

In March 2014, the council was successfully re-accredited by the Local Government Association (LGA) to confirm that it continues to meet the achieving level of the Equality Framework, which helps local authorities improve their performance on equality and diversity.

The reviewers agreed that the council showed evidence of how it has built on its experience and expertise in tackling inequality since the previous assessment in 2010, and showed how it had adapted its methods and structures to address the new challenges that it faces. The LGA also commented that the council has a good understanding of its communities and also how the diversity of residents has changed in recent years and is still changing and has prioritised its activities accordingly.

For more information on the Equality Framework please visit the Local Government Association website.    

Retailers' guide

To support businesses in the borough in attracting disabled customers and developing excellent customer service, the council has produced a PDF file downloadretailers' guide (PDF, 9505kb) and PDF file downloada poster for staff. (PDF, 175kb)

These resources are available for all local businesses to use in staff induction and training.

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