Food safety

Food safety inspection

Bracknell Forest Council carries out regular checks on all food premises to ensure the public is protected and that high standards are maintained.

Inspections take place on a frequency determined by the perceived risk in each premises. These inspections ensure that:

  • risks have been identified
  • staff are adequately trained
  • the condition and cleanliness of the premises meets required standards

At the time of each inspection businesses are assessed for:

  • compliance with food safety controls
  • cleanliness
  • suitability of structure and equipment
  • the ability of the business to maintain good standards

If you have any concerns about food safety at particular premises please use our enquiry form

Registration and approval of food businesses

All food business operations (including charities) must also register relevant premises. Please see our Food businesses - registration web page for more information.

Some specific activities alternatively need approval to operate. Please see our Food premises - approval web page.

Food hygiene rating scheme

Information for consumers

To help consumers better understand the food safety standards within food businesses, Bracknell Forest Council takes part in the nationwide scheme to publicise food hygiene ratings. Food outlets such as restaurants, takeaways and pubs are inspected by officers to check that the hygiene standards meet legal requirements. The standards found are then rated from zero (meaning urgent improvement needed) to a top rating of five (very good).

You can view ratings on the Food Standards Agency website. All relevant food outlets are also given a sticker that they can display to show the rating.

Information for businesses

The scheme has various safeguards to help ensure all food outlets are treated fairly. These include a right to:

Any requests must be in writing using the relevant form. We would strongly encourage any businesses to get in touch first in order to help understand how the ratings was worked out. Use the contact details on your inspection report, call Customer Services on 01344 352000, or use our enquiry form.

More information about these safeguards is on the Food Standards Agency’s website. Further advice on how the ratings are calculated is also available.

Catering for Health Award

The Catering for Health Award scheme helps Bracknell’s population maintain and improve their health through access to healthier food choices.

The scheme is run by Bracknell Forest Council, Slough Borough Council and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. They are committed to reducing obesity and cardiovascular disease, and generally improving the health of our community.

The award recognises those catering businesses that have been assessed as implementing healthier food preparation methods and offering healthy eating options to consumers across the board.

Catering for Health businesses is a list of businesses in Bracknell Forest who hold the award.

To find out more, please complete our enquiry form.

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