Funeral - buying a grave


The cost of arranging a burial is made up of two elements; the cost of leasing the section of land or "grave" and the cost of opening the grave which is the "interment".

At present new graves are allocated as required from section F, which is located in the centre of the cemetery. You may select a grave but there will be a selection charge. There is an additional cost for graves alongside pathways or at the front or end of a row.

Graves are sold on a seventy-five-year lease period and can also be purchased before the "time of need" or “pre-purchased". The number of interments that can take place in a purchased grave is up to a maximum of two, or six if for cremated remains.

It is important to note that although you have purchased the right to bury in the grave the land still remains in the ownership of Bracknell Forest Borough Council.

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