Memorial information

Many people feel the need for a more tangible link with those loved ones that have meant so much to them, a memorial, which is personal to themselves rather than shared. We have a wide range of memorials available.

Book of Remembrance

Information about viewing the Book of Remembrance and how to order an entry to go in it is on our Book of Remembrance page.

Opening hours

We strongly recommend that you visit us in person for help in making your selection. Our dedicated and professional staff are here to help and will be pleased to show you the various options available.

The administration office is open from 9am until 4.30pm from Monday to Friday. Further private appointments can also be made on weekends for your convenience. We have a memorial consultation room for people who would like to spend time discussing their options in private. Please call us in advance to book an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Specifications for memorials

Only memorials that conform to an approved specification are allowed in the cemetery. These specifications can be obtained from the cemetery and crematorium office, from our regulations, and also from those funeral directors and monumental masons who are registered with our Memorial Masons Registration Scheme. Only those registered to our scheme are permitted to build or erect memorials within Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium.

Appropriate authority must be obtained from the cemetery and crematorium office before a memorial can be fixed. It is important to note that only the grave owner may sign the application and that they will be held responsible for the future maintenance and safety of that memorial. For more information on the type of memorial (subject to approval) please visit the National Association of Memorial Masons website.

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