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Mandatory disabled facilities grants

The council gives priority to mandatory disabled facilities grants (DFG) that are subject to a test of resources as laid down in legislation. The maximum grant is £30,000. These grants are available for the adaptation of a dwelling so that it can be occupied by a person with a disability. Such grants will normally be provided following close consultation with the applicant’s occupational therapist.

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Disabled facilities support service

This service assists disabled facilities grant applicants with their application for assistance. There is a charge to use this service and this will be confirmed with the client before the work is started and in most cases forms part of the grant assistance. The charges are as follows; when acting as an agent for a client in receipt of a disabled facilities grant or other building works, works up to £20K will be 15% of the grant of the approved amount and 12% of works over £20k.

The service will assist with drawing up specifications and plans as well as helping with finding a suitable contractor to undertake the works. The service can also project manage the works whilst in progress.

Forestcare sensors

If you have concerns about your personal safety or the security of your home, the council's Forestcare service may be able to help. They offer a package including falls and movement detectors, which can help meet your safety requirements. Find out more about Forestcare sensors.

Flexible home improvement loan

This scheme is available for homeowners aged 60 or over to improve the warmth, comfort, safety and security within their homes.

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