Highways - schedule of standard drawings

The information on this page is intended for developers and their advisors. The standard drawings shall be read in conjunction with the PDF file downloadHighways Guide for Development (PDF, 401kb).

Please select the appropriate details and get the approval of the engineer before inclusion. All non-standard details must be approved by the engineer.

These standard drawings are copyright of the engineer and may not be changed in any way without prior approval.


 Drawing number      Drawing title
 SD/300/01  PDF file downloadTimber fencing (PDF, 176kb)

Barriers and walling

 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/400/01A  PDF file downloadPedestrian and cycle restraint systems (PDF, 117kb)
 SD/400/02A  PDF file downloadTubular guard railing and cycle track barriers (PDF, 82kb)
 SD/400/03  PDF file downloadLow retaining walls (PDF, 119kb)

Drainage and service ducts

 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/500/01A  PDF file downloadPipes under paved areas (PDF, 211kb)
 SD/500/02A  PDF file downloadPipes and filter drains under verges (PDF, 210kb)
 SD/500/03A  PDF file downloadService ducts (PDF, 137kb)
 SD/500/04B  PDF file downloadRoad and footpath gully details (PDF, 176kb)
 SD/500/05A  PDF file downloadCatchpit type 1 precast concrete construction (PDF, 144kb)
 SD/500/06A  PDF file downloadCatchpit type 2 precast concrete construction (PDF, 144kb)
 SD/500/07A  PDF file downloadCatchpit type 3 brickwork construction (PDF, 105kb)
 SD/500/08A  PDF file downloadSoakaway precast concrete (PDF, 138kb)
 SD/500/09A  PDF file downloadLined ditches and outfalls (PDF, 95kb)
 SD/500/10A  PDF file downloadHeadwall type 1 brick upstream of pipe (PDF, 93kb)
 SD/500/11A  PDF file downloadHeadwall type 2 brick downstream of pipe (PDF, 85kb)
 SD/500/12A  PDF file downloadHeadwall type 3 bag work (PDF, 67kb)
 SD/500/13A  PDF file downloadJointing chambers for traffic signals and street lighting cables (PDF, 97kb)

Carriageway construction

 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/700/01B  PDF file downloadRound topped hump flexible construction (PDF, 106kb)
 SD/700/02B  PDF file downloadFlat topped hump kerb to kerb flexible and block construction (PDF, 174kb)
 SD/700/03A  PDF file downloadRoad hump block paving construction (PDF, 136kb)
 SD/700/04B  PDF file downloadSpeed cushions flexible construction (PDF, 98kb)
 SD/700/05B  PDF file downloadCarriageway haunching (PDF, 77kb)

Adoptable road construction

 Drawing number Drawing title 
 SD/900/01C  PDF file downloadPavement construction thickness minor access roads accessways mews courts and housing squares (PDF, 122kb)
 SD/900/02B  PDF file downloadMajor access road (PDF, 131kb)
 SD/900/03  PDF file downloadMinimum turning head dimensions 4.8m carriageway (PDF, 64kb)
 SD/900/04  PDF file downloadMinimum turning head dimensions 5.5m carriageway (PDF, 64kb)
 SD/900/05  PDF file downloadMinimum turning head dimensions industrial commercial and retail (PDF, 67kb)
 SD/900/06  PDF file downloadBlock paved roads (PDF, 79kb)

Kerbs, footways, cycle tracks and paved areas

 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/1100/01A  PDF file downloadConcrete kerbs and channels (PDF, 162kb)
 SD/1100/02A  PDF file downloadKerbs channels and edgings footways cycletracks accessways and rural areas (PDF, 163kb)
 SD/1100/03A  PDF file downloadFootways cycletracks and crossovers flexible construction (PDF, 209kb)
 SD/1100/04A  PDF file downloadFootways and cycletracks block paving (PDF, 121kb)
 SD/1100/05A  PDF file downloadRoundabout central island hard landscaping (PDF, 197kb)
 SD/1100/06A  PDF file downloadFootways and paved areas concrete flags and stone paving (PDF, 114kb)
 SD/1100/07B  PDF file downloadSegregated footway cycletracks concrete tactile flags blocks (PDF, 212kb)
SD/1100/08C  PDF file downloadFootways and cycletracks - tactile crossing point layouts (PDF, 187kb)
 SD/1100/09B  PDF file downloadTraffic islands (PDF, 218kb)

Traffic signs

 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/1200/01  PDF file downloadNon-illuminated traffic signs (PDF, 110kb)
 SD/1200/02  PDF file downloadIlluminated traffic signs (PDF, 120kb)
 SD/1200/03  PDF file downloadBollards (PDF, 181kb)
 SD/1200/04  PDF file downloadStreet nameplates (PDF, 142kb)
 SD/1200/05  PDF file downloadSheffield cycle stands (PDF, 65kb)

Road lighting

 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/1300/01A  PDF file downloadIlluminated traffic bollard foundation details (PDF, 109kb)
 SD/1300/02A  PDF file downloadColumn and feeder pillar foundation details (PDF, 187kb)
 SD/1300/03  PDF file downloadTypical column sign wiring detail 2 part photo electric cell (PDF, 64kb)
 SD/1300/04A  PDF file downloadTermination types A and B (PDF, 74kb)
 SD/1300/05A  PDF file downloadTermination types C and D (PDF, 101kb)
 SD/1300/06  PDF file downloadTermination types E,F,G and H (PDF, 104kb)
 SD/1300/07  PDF file downloadStreet lighting bollard (PDF, 67kb)
 SD/1300/08  PDF file downloadTraffic signal post socket (PDF, 115kb)


 Drawing number  Drawing title
 SD/3000/1  PDF file downloadTree pits (PDF, 149kb)
 SD/3000/2  PDF file downloadWildlife tunnel (PDF, 89kb)


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