Domestic bins

Blue bins for recycling

Blue bins are free and available in two sizes - 240 litre or 140 litre.

How to order a blue bin

Please complete our request form for a new or replacement bin.

Using your blue bin

You can use your blue bin for:

  • plastic drink and detergent bottles including water bottles, plastic milk bottles, shampoo bottles and household cleaning product bottles
  • food and drink cans
  • pet food cans
  • empty aerosol canisters
  • all paper and card including:
    • newspapers
    • telephone directories and Yellow pages
    • toilet and kitchen roll tubes
    • cereal boxes
    • soap powder boxes
    • flattened cardboard boxes*
    • junk mail
    • shredded paper**

* We will normally be able to collect large cardboard boxes which will not fit in your blue bin provided you have cut them to a manageable size no bigger than your bin and folded them neatly. They must be left next to your bin on collection day.

**  Please ensure that shredded paper is contained in a small box.

Please put all items in your blue bin loose and not in carrier bags.

Please do not put microwaveable trays, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, bottle tops, cellophane, polystyrene, tissues, kitchen towels, general rubbish or carrier bags into your blue bin.

Did you know you can now get rewards for recycling? Find out more about the recycling incentive scheme.


If you put any non-acceptable materials in your blue bin it will not be emptied until they have been removed. The reason for this is that the whole load will be rejected by the waste contractor if it is contaminated with materials that cannot be processed at the materials recovery facility in Reading.

Green bins for general waste

The contents of these bins either go to an energy from waste plant or landfill. For more information on energy from waste please see re3 website.

You can use your green bin for:

  • cooked food waste
  • disposable nappies
  • plastic packaging that you cannot recycle such as plastic trays margarine and ice cream tubs and yoghurt pots
  • other general waste that you can't recycle or compost

Request a new or additional bin

Please use our request form for a new or replacement wheelie bin. You can also use this form if you want to change the size of your bin.

Residents who would like to exchange their current green landfill bin for a smaller one may receive a free composter.

Brown bins - garden waste

Please see the garden waste page for more information about brown bins for garden waste.

Communal bins (those found in flats)

Recycling bins

In flats blue recycling bins are provided in the communal bin storage area. These bins are available in two sizes, 240 litre and 360 litre.

General waste bins

These bins can be either green or red. They are provided in the communal bin storage area. They are supplied in different sizes ranging from 240 litre up to 1100 litre. Each communal bin area has an adequate amount of bin capacity for the number of properties using the bins, however if you do think you require more bins please contact us. We will then investigate whether you have adequate capacity.

Request more bins

If you think your communal bin storage area needs more recycling bins please use our request form for a new or replacement wheelie bin.

Bin maintenance

Please use our online form to request a repair.

Please make sure that you don’t use the bin request form as this will result in a new bin being delivered without removal of any damaged ones and also the opportunity to repair your bin may be missed.

Bin removals

If you no longer require a bin or want to request the removal of an abandoned bin please use our wheelie bin removal request form.

Missed bin collections

If you have missed your bin collection please go to the missed bin collection page for more information.

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