Garden waste - brown bins

You can use the council's brown bin scheme to get rid of garden waste.

New brown bin customers

Buying a bin

New brown bins, available in 240L and 140L sizes, cost £34.

Collection charge

You will then need to pay an annual collection charge.

Type of charge Collection charge
 240L bin collection charge  £40
 140L bin collection charge  £36
 50% discount for 240L bin collection charge*  £20
 50% discount for 140L bin collection charge*  £18

 * If you receive an income-related benefit, you may qualify for a 50% discount.

How to order and pay

Please use the request form for a new or replacement wheelie bin or call Customer Services on 01344 352000.

Renewing brown bin collection

Complete our brown bin collection charge form to pay your collection charge online by credit or debit card. You can also pay the charge by:

  • cash or cheque at Time Square
  • credit or debit card over the phone with Customer Services on 01344 352000
  • posting a completed form found on the back of the reminder letter we sent you


 Type of charge  Charge
 240L bin collection charge  £40
 240L bin collection charge (50% discount)  £20
 140L bin collection charge  £36
 140L bin collection charge (50% discount)  £18

Garden sacks

If you don't have or want a brown bin you can use our brown biodegradable sacks. They are to be left out on the same day and place as your recycling bin.

The collection fee is included in the price of the bag itself, so you do not need to pay the brown bin annual fee for this service.

You can buy a biodegradable garden waste sack at one of the outlets listed in the PDF file downloadlist of garden waste sack outlets (PDF, 88kb).

If you have a local business and would like to be an approved garden waste sack supplier, please complete the garden waste sack supplier application form.

What goes in a brown bin or biodegradable sack

Use your brown bin or biodegradable sack for:

  • grass clippings
  • hedge trimmings
  • tree cuttings
  • weeds
  • leaves
  • bedding plants/flowers

Please do not put bricks, rubble, stones, soil, turf, tree stumps, branches over 3 inches (7.5cm) in diameter or over 4ft (1.2m) in length, fruit or vegetables (including peelings), general rubbish, plastic pots or trays, glass, metal or any animal wastes into the brown bin.

Repair or replace your brown bin

Please use our request a repair form.

Please make sure that you don’t use the bin request form as this will result in a new bin being delivered without removal of any damaged ones and also the opportunity to repair your bin may be missed.

There is a fee of:

  • £15 for a brown bin repair
  • £17 for a second-hand replacement brown bin, subject to availability
  • £34 for a new brown bin

Terms and conditions

  1. The collection year runs from 1 April until 31 March every year, the full annual charge applies regardless of when payment is made for all existing brown bin customers.
  2. Full payment is required in advance, collections can take up to 2 weeks to commence once payment has been received.
  3. Pro rata collection charges only apply to new brown bin purchases or to customers that have inherited a brown bin and are new to the garden waste collection service.
  4. New brown bins have a 1-year guarantee.
  5. If you do not pay the collection fee your brown bin will not be collected.
  6. The council is unable to offer a free of charge removal of your brown bin if you opt out.
  7. The collection charge is non refundable.
  8. There are no part payments if the bin is not presented every collection.
  9. The collection charge is payable per brown bin.
  10. If the brown bin goes missing or is stolen the resident is liable for the cost of replacing the bin.
  11. If the bin gets damaged the resident is liable for the cost of repair or if the bin is unrepairable, the cost of a replacement.
  12. Bins that are damaged will not be emptied.
  13. All garden waste must be contained within the bin with the lid closed, brown bins with waste packed too tightly in the bin or heavier than 75kg will not be collected.
  14. Soil and turf cannot be disposed of as garden waste, any bins containing soil, turf or other incorrect items will not be emptied.
  15. Christmas trees will be collected as garden waste but must be cut up and contained within a brown bin or council biodegradable garden waste sack.
  16. Occasionally garden waste may be frozen and this can cause it to be stuck in the bin, when this happens we may be unable to empty the bin, you will receive a notice on the bin when this happens.

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