Garden waste - brown bins

We will only empty bins purchased from Bracknell Forest Council.

Charges for existing customers

Charges from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Type of charge Fee (including VAT) Reduced charge 50%*
Brown bin, 240L or 140L, purchase price £33 N/A
Brown bin collection charge for 240L bin £40 £20
Brown bin collection charge for 140L bin £36 £18

*To qualify for a 50 per cent reduction in cost you must be in receipt of a DWP income related benefit such as Income Support, Income based JSA, Guaranteed Pension Credit and Employment Support Allowance (income related).

Whichever method of payment you choose please allow 14 days for your payment to be processed and your collections to begin. 

You will not receive a new label for your bin as the current white label has a barcode on. This is scanned by the collection vehicle, which will then indicate to the waste collectors if the collection charge has been paid.

How to pay

If you already own a garden waste brown bin and wish to pay the annual collection fee then you can pay by:

  • credit or debit card using the brown bin collection charge form
  • cash or cheque at Time Square
  • credit or debit card over the phone by calling customer services on 01344 352000
  • post by filling in the form on the back of the reminder letter and attaching a cheque

Charges for new customers

New customers need to buy a brown bin, 240L or 140L, for £33 and then pay the collection charge.

The collection charge will be reduced according to the month the brown bin is purchased in.

Collection charge 2016 to 2017

Type of bin Charge
240L bin collection charge £20
140L bin collection charge £18
50% discount for 240L bin collection charge - means tested benefit* £10
50% discount for 140L bin collection charge - means tested benefit* £9

*To qualify for a 50 per cent reduction in cost you must be in receipt of a DWP income related benefit such as Income Support, Income based JSA, Guaranteed Pension Credit and Employment Support Allowance (income related).

All new brown bins have a one-year guarantee from delivery date. During this time repairs and replacements are free of charge. After this time there will be a charge for repairs and replacements.

How to order and pay

Please use the request form for a new or replacement wheelie bin or call customer services on 01344 352000.

What goes in a brown bin or biodegradable sack

Use your brown bin or biodegradable sack for: 

  • grass clippings 
  • hedge trimmings 
  • tree cuttings 
  • weeds 
  • leaves 
  • bedding plants/flowers  

Please do not put bricks, rubble, stones, soil, turf, tree stumps, branches over 3 inches (7.5cm) in diameter or over 4ft (1.2m) in length, fruit or vegetables (including peelings), general rubbish, plastic pots or trays, glass, metal or any animal wastes into the brown bin. 

Weight restriction

We cannot empty brown bins if they weigh more than 75kg. This is for health and safety reasons, as our crew or waste trucks can't safely lift the bin.

If the bin does weigh more than 75kg it won't be emptied and you will need to lighten the bin for safe emptying on your next scheduled collection.

Garden waste sacks

You can buy a biodegradable garden waste sack at one of the outlets listed in PDF file downloadGarden waste sack outlets (PDF, 88kb). Only Bracknell Forest Council garden waste sacks will be collected. The collection for garden sacks is included in the 70p purchase price for the sacks, so once you have filled the sack simply place out for collection on recycling week with your blue bin.

Repair or replace your brown bin

Please use our online form to request a repair.

Please make sure that you don’t use the bin request form as this will result in a new bin being delivered without removal of any damaged ones and also the opportunity to repair your bin may be missed.

There is a fee of:

  • £14.40 for a brown bin repair
  • £16.50 for a second-hand replacement brown bin (subject to availability)
  • £33 for a new brown bin

Frozen garden waste

There may be certain circumstances during periods of very cold weather when garden waste becomes frozen. This can cause it to get stuck in the brown bins. If any bins cannot be emptied because the contents are frozen a sticker will be placed on the bin informing you that this is why the bin has been left.


There are no laws against having a bonfire however there are laws about causing a nuisance. Find out more on our pollution control - nuisances.

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