Housing benefit - new claim

If you pay rent or council tax for your home, and live on a low income, you may be able to get some help by claiming benefit. The amount of benefit you will receive depends on who lives with you, the amount of money you have coming in, any other benefits you receive and any savings you have.  For help with claiming benefit please see below:

Help filling out your form

Please phone for help on completing your form or to book an appointment in our offices at Time Square.

If you are unable to come and see us at our offices due to a disability or medical condition then a home visit can be arranged.

For Bracknell Forest Homes tenants please contact Bracknell Forest Homes, Tenant Benefits Advisors on 01344 382937 or 382924 to arrange a visit.

You can also get a housing benefit or local council tax benefit claim form from the Time Square reception or by telephone.

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