How to comment on a planning application

Important notice

Due to receipt of a large number of paper objection comments, there will be a delay in uploading comments to the public website.

Comment on a planning application

You can comment on any planning application, including applications for tree works to protected trees, whether it directly affects you or not, even if you have not received a letter notifying you of the application.

Before you comment please go to the online planning register and check the plans and other information contained within the application. To discuss detailed aspects of the application please make an appointment with the case officer. You may also wish to contact your local councillor who may be able to assist and/or advise you.

To be considered, your comments must be made on planning grounds (see below). You can object, support and make observations but only valid planning comments will have any weight when assessing the application. Any comments will be received will be dealt with in accordance with our data protection policy set out below.

Making a valid comment

We can only consider representations (comments or objections) that are 'material' and relevant to planning. Examples of which matters can be raised include:

  • the proposal is in conflict with either local or national planning policies effect
  • principle - if you feel that the very nature of the proposal is inappropriate and that the use of land/property should not change
  • overlooking - the proposal could lead to a loss of privacy 
  • overshadowing - the height or proximity of the development could lead to a loss of daylight for instance to habitable rooms
  • disturbance - potential noise, fumes and other odours could lead to a loss of the amenities you currently enjoy
  • overbearing - the scale of the proposed development could have an oppressive impact on nearby properties
  • out of character - the design or scale of the development appears to be out of character with its surroundings
  • road safety - the development may lead to a significant impact upon road safety, traffic, parking or access problems
  • the development would harm on setting of a listed building or character of a conservation area

What comments cannot be taken into account?

We will not consider representations based on the following:

  • encroachment onto another person's land - if the application includes land in your ownership you should receive prior written notice from the applicant; if you do not please advise the council
  • loss of value to a property
  • loss of view, and potential difficulties in property maintenance
  • hours of work during construction
  • business or competition issues relating to the applicant
  • increased fire hazard
  • conflict of the application with covenants

Offensive, racist, discriminatory and other similar comments of a personal nature will not be considered or published.

When to object, support or comment

If you have received a letter you should write within 21 days from the date shown on the letter.

If a site or press notice was issued, you should comment within 21 days of the date appearing in that notice. Please note that site and press notices are not posted for all planning applications.

All planning applications are published on this website and state the date by which comments should be submitted.

The council may reach a decision on the application once the stated date for receipt of comments has expired. In such circumstances late comments cannot be considered.

How to object, support or comment

Comments must be submitted in writing online, by email or by post. They must include your full postal address together with the reference number of the application; failure to do so may result in your comments not being taken into account. You do not have to include your telephone number and email address however, should a planning officer wish to contact you it would be useful.

Submitting comments online

To use online planning register, you must tick the box below to indicate that you have read and agree to the limitations and copyright notices. Search for the application and click on 'comment on this application' to object, support or comment. The text area is limited to a maximum of 1000 characters.

I have read and agree to the limitations and copyright notices

Please note that this service may be unavailable between 5am and 6am on Tuesdays to allow for routine maintenance. 

To discuss detailed aspects of the application please make an appointment with the case officer. You may also wish to contact your local councillor who may be able to assist and/or advise you. 

Online - email

By email to All online comments and those received by email will be acknowledged.

In writing - by post

Send your views to the Head of Planning, Bracknell Forest Council, Time Square, Market Street, Bracknell, RG12 1JD.

You must include site address of application or application number, your name (written in block capitals), your full address and your comments about the proposal. Failure to do so may result in your comments not being taken into account.

You do not have to include your telephone number and email address however, should a planning officer wish to contact you it would be useful. Comments made by post will only be acknowledged if you provided a stamped addressed envelope.


Comments can be submitted as a petition as long as they follow the format set out below:

  • each page of the petition is headed with the aim of the petition
  • the names and full addresses of those that sign the petition are provided and readable
  • the comments are clearly stated and are valid planning reasons
  • the petition coordinator is made known - the case officer will only communicate with this person

If you are thinking about raising a petition for or against a planning application, please note that, there is still a requirement for 20 signatures to be received before the petition is considered valid.

If a petition is received with 20 or more signatures it will be treated as equal to the three or more signatures necessary to trigger the application being referred to a Planning Committee for decision (rather than being dealt with by a case officer).

PDF file downloadPetition to the council's planning department (PDF, 173kb)

Viewing comments

You can view objections, support and comments on the online planning register. Please note that there may be a delay of up to 3 working days from receipt before they are available online.

Data protection

Please note that legally we must allow the public to see any comments we receive about planning applications. All confidential components of the comment such as detail of the customer's health or finances will be redacted and will not form part of the public record. Your phone number, email address and signature will also not be published on the website. The comments received, form part of the public record for the duration of the planning application and any subsequent appeals only.

If an appeal is made by the applicant, we must send your comments to the Planning Inspectorate, who may publish them on their website, and we must also send them to the applicant. We will remove your phone number, signature and email address before these documents are sent.

These details will only be shared between council officers and other agencies within the legal framework set out for planning applications. The personal information provided will be used for planning purposes only and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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