Independent Remuneration Panel

The Independent Remuneration Panel is made up of three to five people who are appointed by the council’s chief executive and meet on a regular basis to discuss councillors’ allowances. No one on the panel is a councillor or council employee.

What the Independent Remuneration Panel does

The Independent Remuneration Panel reviews the current members allowances scheme which includes:

  • the councillors’ basic allowance
  • the special responsibility allowance (paid to councillors who have extra responsibilities e.g. executive members or committee chairman)
  • child care and dependent care allowances
  • travel and subsistence payments and the circumstances under which they are paid
  • co-opted members’ allowances (co-opted members are people who are not councillors but are invited to sit on certain committees of the council)

The panel is provided with a large amount of comparative data to set the Bracknell Forest scheme within a national and regional context. The panel bases any recommendations it makes on this evidence, comparison with local authorities, interviews with councillors and examples of good practice. The panel also meets individual councillors to discuss how the scheme is working.

The Independent Remuneration Panel may be asked to review allowances for town and parish councillors as well as other reviews such as consideration of the mayoral allowance.

Independent Remuneration Panel reviews

The panel last conducted a review in December 2013. The council agreed the recommendations at the council meeting on Wednesday 30 April 2014.

View the full report and list of recommendations in the documents section.

How to get involved

The Independent Remuneration Panel’s membership is regularly refreshed and the council is keen to encourage new people to get involved either as a member of the panel, or to suggest a topic for the Independent Remuneration Panel to consider.

If you are interested in taking part, or for further information please contact Member Services.

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