What is a keysafe?

A keysafe is a small box which is secured to the outside of your property in a discrete location. You will then be able to store your keys safely. The keysafe Forestcare uses is secured by design and is the only model on the market which is approved by the Police and the insurance industry.

How does it work?

If you require a keysafe we can supply and / or fit one for you. We can then set a PIN number which can be used to access the keysafe. You can nominate friends and family to be keyholders for you. In the event of an emergency, if you are unable to get to your front door, we can give your PIN number to the emergency services / keyholders so they can gain access without forcing the door.

Who are our customers?

Anybody can have a keysafe, whether it’s just for your own peace of mind or to allow nominated people access to your house. There are certain groups who may especially benefit from having a keysafe fitted:

  • people living alone 
  • older people 
  • individuals with poor mobility
  • people who are hard of hearing
  • those at risk of falling
  • individuals who are leaving hospital
  • people with disabilities

How much does it cost?

To purchase only (when installing a lifeline) - £55 (ex VAT)

To supply and install (when a lifeline is also being installed) - £60 (ex VAT)

To supply and/or fit (on a subsequent visit, or if no lifeline is being installed) - £75 (ex VAT)

To move a keysafe - £45 (ex VAT)

All prices can be paid as a one-off payment by invoice or in 3 or 6 monthly installments.

Why choose us?

Choose us because we offer:

  • competitive prices
  • efficient and friendly service
  • experienced staff
  • no upfront costs or contracts
  • a 24 hour a day operation, 365 days a year

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