Landscape services


We maintain a large number of horticultural features across the borough. These include:

  • council-owned grassed areas
  • shrub borders and hedges
  • floral displays
  • school grounds
  • sports pitches
  • parks and leisure sites
  • cemeteries and the crematorium

Grass cutting

Most of the open space grass is cut approximately 15 times during the summer months.

Use our grass cutting enquiry form to enquire about grass cutting.

Damage to grass area 

Use our grass area damage - report form to report damage to a grass area.

Border maintenance

Ornamental shrub borders are attended to on a monthly basis during the summer months removing litter and weeds. During the winter period while the shrubs are dormant any plants that need pruning are cut back and any exposed soil is dug over.

Use our weed clearance form to enquire about weed clearance from a road or pavement.

Shrub, hedge or small tree

We maintain over 63 thousand metres of hedge within the general open space. Most hedges are cut twice a year.

Use our shrub, hedge or small tree enquiry form to report an issue with shrubs, hedges or small trees.

Flower bed, border or basket

Use our flower bed, border or basket enquiry form to report an issue with flower beds, borders and baskets.

Roadside nature reserves

As part of the Bracknell Forest Biodiversity Action Plan a number of verges around the town centre are left uncut. This allows rare wildflowers, such as orchids, to flourish and provide food for a variety of insects. These areas are cut once in late summer/autumn to prevent coarse grasses from taking over.

Bracknell Forest Homes

Some areas are the responsibility of Bracknell Forest Homes. For more information, please visit Bracknell Forest Homes website.

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