Learner information

This page contains useful information for learners who attend our courses at the Open Learning Centre or elsewhere in the community.

If the documents here don't cover what you are looking for or if you have any further questions, please contact us to ask for further details.

The PDF file downloadLearner Handbook (PDF, 691kb) contains a variety of information about getting the most out of your course, explains about the enrolment form and data protection, together with practical details about your visit to the Open Learning Centre. We have printed copies of the Learner Handbook in our training rooms and on the notice boards at the Open Learning Centre.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the Community Learning Team.

Policies and procedures

Please note that some of the policies and procedures below are only relevant if you are studying for a qualification.

Policies and procedures for community learners
Policy / procedure Purpose Review date
PDF file downloadAccess to Fair Assessment Policy (PDF, 108kb) For those taking qualifications: explains what we can do if you have special requirements Sept 2017
PDF file downloadAppeals procedure for learners (PDF, 105kb) For those taking qualifications: if you feel your work has been unfairly assessed on an accredited course Sept 2017
Complaints procedure How to make a complaint Sept 2017
Bracknell Forest Council health and safety policy Our commitment to ensuring safety Sept 2017
Fee policy Explanation about refunds Sept 2017
Equality and diversity policy Out commitment to being inclusive of all Sept 2017
Safeguarding vulnerable adults Keeping our learners safe Sept 2017
British values statement Explains what is important to us Sept 2017
Supply chain fees and charges policy About working with our partners Sept 2017
Sustainable development policy Helping to save our planet's resources Sept 2017
Adult safeguarding policy The Council's policy Sept 2017
Addendum to the Council's safeguarding vulnerable adults policy Safeguarding community learners Sept 2017


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