Learning Disability Partnership Board

The Learning Disability Partnership Board meets six times a year. There are various sub groups of the board who meet and feed information into the main board for approval.

The purpose of the board is to make sure that people work together to do the things that the plan says.

The Partnership Board principles are that:

1. People with learning disabilities have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else.

2. People with learning disabilities and their families may need help to make choices. They need:

  • the right information in the right way at the right time
  • people who listen to them, people who understand what they want and people they can talk to

3. People should be supported to make their own decisions. If a person cannot make decisions, other people such as family or a circle of support can help. These decisions must be what is in the best interests of the person, taking into account what the person wants and involving them as much as possible.

4. Everyone working together as a team can support people better than if they worked by themselves.

5. Everyone must make the best possible use of what is available.

6. Everyone should look at different and new ways to help people to follow their dreams and to have a good life. For example:

  • support plans that are person-centred
  • having a job
  • going to college
  • having training
  • living in their own home
  • doing activities the person likes such as sports, cinema, holidays
  • making new friends
  • feeling and staying safe

7. Everyone should find out what stops people doing what they want. They should see if it is possible to change these things. For example:

  • learning about different things - being healthy, using money, being safe
  • living in the right place
  • having the right benefits

8. Everyone should recognise how important friend and family carers can be. They should have the support they need.

9. All these principles are true no matter how young or old a person is. People may need extra support as they become an adult and at other times of significant change in their life. 

Representations on the Learning Disability Partnership Board include:

  • Co-chair - Chief Officer - Bracknell Forest Council
  • Co-chair - person with a learning disability
  • seAp Advocacy
  • Mencap
  • Be Heard
  • Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
  • Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning group (CCG)
  • people with a learning disability
  • carers of people with a learning disability
To request board meeting minutes please phone Customer Services on 01344 352000.

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