Lifeline alarms - common faults

The following are common faults:

No power to the lifeline

How will you know?

The red light on the base unit will flash intermittently indicating that the power supply has been interrupted.

Reason for fault

There may be a power cut (your electricity supplier will be able to tell you if there has been a power cut and when power will be returned)

Alternatively, there is no power getting to the base unit (if the power has been switched off by accident). If this is the case please plug the unit back in or ask a friend or neighbour to help.

You don’t need to worry too much because your unit will still work using its own battery for at least 36 hours (provided it is fully charged).

After 4 hours the base unit will automatically alert the control centre that there is a problem with the power supply and we will contact you to investigate the reason for power failure and attempt to rectify the problem.

Calls not connecting when lifeline is activated

Indication of fault

If you press your pendant or the unit and the call doesn’t connect to us this may indicate that there is a fault with your phone line or that the cables have become disconnected.

What to do

Try making a phone call – if your line is dead then this is why your lifeline is not working. You will need to contact your phone provider to resolve this fault.

If your phone is OK the fault may be because the lifeline leads are disconnected. You can either try to reconnect them or ask a friend or neighbour to help. If the unit still doesn’t work or this is not possible, please contact us.

Pendant lost or not working

If you have lost your pendant. There is a charge for this which we will refund if you then find it. If you have pressed the pendant and it does not work we will come and replace it for you with a new one.

We ask you to test your pendant each month to ensure that it is working as it should. In addition we run a report each month which tells us when the battery is running low.

We can also supply an easy press button if you are finding it hard to push the button.

If you are ever in doubt whether there is a problem with your lifeline alarm please push the button and make a test call.


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