Local drug and alcohol services

Drug and Alcohol Action Team

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) are responsible for delivering the National Drug and Alcohol Strategies at a local level. They are also responsible for making sure that local agencies work together to help people to recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

The DAAT is part of the Community Safety Partnership and works closely with the other partners to reduce the impact of drug and alcohol misuse on communities.

The DAAT commissions or provides services for both adults and young people who live in Bracknell Forest. We also monitor the effectiveness of the services and work with our providers to make improvements according to identified needs.

In April 2012 Bracknell Forest DAAT became one of eight national pilot areas selected to deliver services to adults on a Payment by Results basis. This has allowed us to adopt a far more flexible approach to the way that services are commissioned.

Each person coming into treatment will be assessed to identify the outcomes that they need to achieve in order to recover from addiction. The service provider is paid based on the completion of these outcomes throughout a person’s recovery journey with the ultimate outcome being that they are drug or alcohol free and remain so.

For more information visit the Drugs and Alcohol Advice website.

New Hope

New Hope is the name of our building, not a service in its own right. The building houses staff from a range of organisations such as the local authority, NHS and voluntary sector.

The building houses the majority of drug and alcohol services that are available to people who live in Bracknell Forest. In order to try to meet the needs of people New Hope stays open late 3 days per week and is open on Saturdays. The opening hours are listed below:

Monday - 9am to 8pm (appointments only from 5pm)
Tuesday – 9am to 8pm
Wednesday – 8am to 5pm (appointments only 8am to 9am)
Thursday – 9am to 8pm (appointments only from 5pm)
Friday – 9am to 4.30pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm (drop in from 12 noon)

New Hope is located in Bracknell Town Centre. If you are driving to New Hope there are a number of car parks that are close by. New Hope is directly under High Street Car Park but is also easily accessible from The Point and Princess Square.

Criminal Justice Service

A Custody Intervention Programme (CIP) is in place within police custody areas across the Thames Valley. Staff working in the CIP offer a screening and referral service to anyone who is arrested where drugs or alcohol is seen to be a factor in their criminal behaviour. Some people may be drug tested in the custody suite to see if they have been using Class A drugs such as Heroin or Crack Cocaine. If these tests are positive they have to attend New Hope for a required assessment. If they do not attend this appointment they commit a further offence.

Some people who attend New Hope will be on court orders such as a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) or Alcohol Treatment Requirement which means that they have to attend a specific number of appointments per week over an agreed period of time. Staff at New Hope work closely with the probation service to ensure that people complete these orders.

When people are in prison they can access drug and alcohol programmes. Staff at New Hope maintain links with the prison in order to ensure that they know when people who live in Bracknell are due to be released. Staff in the prison and at New Hope liaise to ensure that when someone leaves custody they have an appointment booked at the earliest opportunity to reduce the risk of them drinking or taking drugs.

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