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During the process of buying a house (or perhaps land) it is essential that a number of checks are conducted. These ensure there are no problems with the property that would result in a charge being sought from you as the owner.

As part of these checks a local land charges search should be undertaken. This is normally organised by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer on your behalf but can also be carried out by you (as a personal search).

The Local Land Charge Section at Bracknell Forest Council carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975. We guarantee comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and CON29 enquiries from solicitors.

What's included in the search

Depending on the questions asked, the local land charges search will, amongst other things, identify any information about:

  • planning permissions and conditions
  • tree preservation orders
  • enforcement notices
  • housing grants

About the search

Each search involves research in respect of:

  • town planning
  • statutory orders
  • building regulations
  • highways
  • housing and environmental health matters

It is sent to the separate council services for their action.

When we receive the information we collate the replies. We usually return completed searches to the person requesting the search within approximately 3 to 5 working days.

The search is in three parts:

  • the Official Certificate of Search Form (LLC1) deals with all the registerable charges such as:
    • financial charges
    • improvement grants
    • tree preservation orders
    • conditional planning consents and agreements
  • the Enquiries of Local Authorities Form (CON29) deals with issues such as:
    • road schemes
    • the planning history and various notices that affect the property
    • this questionnaire contains many ‘Warning Questions’, the answers to which you will not find on any of the statutory registers
  • optional enquiries (CON29O) including question 22 - Commons Registrations

How to request a search

Please note that you must include the following when submitting a search for processing:

  • a cheque made out to Bracknell Forest Council for the correct amount
  • either an LLC1 form (search of the register) or LLC1 and CON 29 forms (for a full search)
  • the correct postal address together with an up-to-date scale plan in duplicate, showing the extent and location of the land to be searched, clearly outlined in red

Personal search

If you rely on a personal search please remember that any information obtained is not covered by Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975, which relates to compensation for loss. The only way to receive this information is to submit the official LLC1 and CON 29 forms.

Other local authorities - land charges

You can find information about land charges in other Berkshire authorities at: 

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