Lone worker scheme

What is the lone worker scheme?

The Forestcare lone worker monitoring service is an easy to use and effective way of monitoring individuals who work alone or in hazardous environments. It provides people with reassurance and peace of mind that they are not isolated. The system is straightforward to access via a mobile phone (on any network). The Forestcare Control Centre monitors the risk and provides a rapid response in the event of an accident or other potential danger.

All you need to access the lone worker system is a mobile phone.

How does it work?

When the lone worker starts a job all they need to do is dial into the system via their mobile phone. Once in the system, they are then prompted with easy step by step instructions. They inform us whom they are visiting, the location and how long the visit will last.

During the visit the individual has the reassurance that help can be summoned at any time by pressing the designated panic button on their mobile phone.

The system will automatically contact the individual if they have not called the control centre within the specified time. If no response is received, an alarm will be raised at Forestcare and emergency control procedures will be activated.

We perform an information check on an annual basis. This will give you an opportunity to review data and advise us of any changes which need to be made.

Who are our customers?

In today’s 24 hour environment we need to ensure the safety of individuals working alone. It is the nature of many businesses – from self employed sole traders to large corporations – that individuals are sometimes required to work alone, visit unfamiliar sites and visit strangers. Therefore, the lone worker system will provide peace of mind to businesses of all sizes.

How much does it cost?

The annual charge per lone worker is £39.57 (excluding VAT). This price is irrespective of when the individual joins the scheme during the year. We also offer a loneworker with reports. The only difference is that we issue a quarterly usage report. The annual charge per lone worker for this option is £41.25 (excluding VAT). The fee(s) are paid annually.

Why choose us

Choose us because:

  • unlike other systems, Forestcare will answer your calls in person, providing immediate support and reassurance
  • easy to use mobile telephone interface, allowing users to update their status at any time
  • PIN number protection for additional security
  • panic key / speed dial function so user can activate system in an emergency
  • programmed alert activation option if user does not call in or respond to automatic reminders
  • real time monitoring of all active workers
  • monitor multiple individuals at numerous sites
  • competitive prices
Alternatively, the Pocket Pal can be used as a lone worker device.

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