Nationality checking service

Nationality checking services we provide

The Nationality Checking Service is a partnership between the Home Office and Local Authorities in England and Wales.

We provide a checking service for British citizenship applications. The service includes:

  • all application forms are checked for accuracy
  • all supporting documents such as passports are checked and certified so you can keep the originals
  • all applications are forwarded to the Home Office by courier

Applicants using the service can keep their original valuable documents such as passports and marriage certificates rather than sending them to the Home Office.

The service has been operating in Bracknell Forest since 2006 and has a very reputation for accuracy of applications.

Please note that the Home Office forms and fees changed on April 6th 2015, and only the most recent version of the form will be accepted.

What do I need?

It is essential that you have taken, and passed, the Life in the UK test, and have a qualification which meets the language requirement as stated on the Home Office website. There are lots of qualifications which meet this requirement, so please refer to the Home Office website for the full list and information about the Life in the UK Test.

If you are the national of a majority English speaking country (as shown on the Home Office website) you will be exempt from the language requirement but not the Life in the UK Test.

You will also need to produce your passport or other documents covering your qualifying period, and proof of your indefinite leave to remain in the UK. A list of all other documents required will be emailed or posted to you when you make an appointment.


There is a fee for an individual application and a sliding scale for joint and family applications. The checking service fee will be taken by card when the appointment is made.

 Applicant  2015/16      2016/17   
Adult who submits a single application pays one fee  £58  £59
Husband and wife or civil partners living together who apply at the same time pay one fee  £100  £105
Husband and wife or civil partners (and up to 2 children)  £150  £155
Additional children on parents application  £23 per child £24 per child 
One or more children under the age of 18 who apply separately from their parents  £23 per child  £24 per child

The Home Office fee will be taken separately at your appointment.

Book an appointment

This service is available by appointment only, please contact Customer Services on 01344 352000 to make an appointment. Calls can be taken from 8:30 to 16:45. The checking service fee will be taken by card when the appointment is made.

If you will require any special assistance at your appointment, please tell us at the time of booking the appointment

Application forms can be obtained from the Home Office website.

Frequently asked questions

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