Noise nuisance

The Environmental Protection Team investigate complaints of noise nuisance from:

  • domestic premises
  • commercial premises
  • vehicle alarms
  • mechanical equipment in the street

Please see our PDF file downloadNoise nuisance guide (PDF, 103kb) and GOV.UK - Resolving neighbour disputes for additional information.

What you can do

In the first instance, we recommend you try to speak to your neighbour about the noise problem. They may not realise they are bothering anyone.

If you do not feel confident talking to them, you could send a letter explaining how the noise is affecting you. Keep to the facts and don’t get too emotional. Try to understand it from their perspective as well as your own.

If this does not resolve the issue, complete the Report a noise nuisance form.

You will also need to start collecting your evidence to support the complaint:

What happens next?

Your complaint will be assigned to one of our investigating officers who will contact you within 5 working days.

For further information see the PDF file downloadNoise nuisance guide (PDF, 103kb).

Noise nuisance the council cannot deal with

The council cannot deal with noise from:

  • traffic
  • aircraft - see our Noise - Aircraft page
  • antisocial behaviour in the street - contact the police on the ‘101’ non-emergency number

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