Planning an event in Bracknell Forest

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Each event will have its own complex issues. Bracknell Forest’s events Safety Advisory Group (SAG) was set up to give guidance to event organisers.

Representatives of the group use their professional judgement to consider your proposals. They may help assess the risks to the general public. The group consists of representatives from the police, fire, ambulance and local authority. You may well be invited to present your proposals before the group, which meets each month.

Even if you are an experienced organiser of public events, you cannot take anything for granted. The SAG exists to help you discharge your responsibilities – not to relieve you of your responsibilities. If you are in any doubt as to your legal responsibilities or potential liabilities you should seek your own legal advice. The final responsibility will be with the event organiser.

You should give the Safety Advisory Group as much notice as possible, however as a minimum, you should allow 12 weeks prior the event.

A list of useful documents for event organisers:

A list of community event guides:
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