Planning constraints

If you are applying for planning permission you should be aware that there may be possible constraints on the land, which could affect your planning application. These include:

Article 3 restrictions

The Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (GPDO) automatically grants planning permission for certain types of development, subject to specified conditions and limitations provided for in Article 3, Schedule 2 of the (GPDO ) (England) Order 2015. These types of development are generally regarded as being non-controversial and usually acceptable.

However, in some instances extensions and alterations, which are normally permitted under the provisions of Article 3, are restricted in designated areas by what is known as an Article 4 Direction. This means that planning permission must be obtained to make any changes to a property.

Visit our pre-application planning advice pages for more information:

Article 4 directions

We have restricted permitted development rights in some parts of the borough by making Article 4 Directions. Article 4 Directions are designed to protect buildings and areas from unsuitable alterations, which could otherwise be done without the need for planning permission.

Where permitted development rights have been restricted, planning permission will be required for works falling within the classes of permitted development that have been restricted.

The following sites are affected by Article 4 Directions:

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