Planning enforcement

We expect land owners and developers to comply with planning legislation and not carry out development until the necessary planning permission has been obtained. In most cases no problems arise.

If development takes place without permission we have a full range of powers available to establish whether a breach of planning control has taken place. We will examine any harm that is caused as a result of the breach and determine any appropriate action to remedy such harm.

Local enforcement plan

See our PDF file downloadLocal enforcement plan (PDF, 583kb) in full detail.

Enforcement complaints

If you wish to complain about work that you think is in breach of planning regulations you can use our planning enforcement complaint form to tell us.

Out-of-hours arrangements for bank holiday weekends

There are arrangements in place to ensure that we can take action over extended weekends to deal with those who deliberately seek to exploit such times to carry out unauthorised developments.

If you are aware of activities such as building demolition, felling of protected trees or installation of mobile homes, which you believe do not have planning permission or tree preservation order consent, please contact Forestcare on 01344 786500.

Enforcement documents

Enforcement investigations against land or property are included on our online planning register. You can search for them by street name, by enforcement case reference number, by date or by postcode.

Please note that apart from enforcement notices and enforcement notice appeals, all other documents relating to enforcement matters are confidential and cannot be viewed.

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