Private sector housing

The council's role in private sector housing

We have a key role to play in private sector housing. In particular, we aim to:

  • advise residents about the options they have for improving and maintaining their homes
  • enable residents to access services and resources that may be available to help and improve their circumstances
  • use our statutory powers, where appropriate, to enforce safety and good property condition and management
  • identify long-term empty properties and work with owners to bring such properties back into use

The council can intervene in the following circumstances:

  • use statutory powers in respect of poor conditions or hazards within the household
  • houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) - regulation and licensing functions
  • use statutory powers to bring long-term empty properties back into use
  • offer financial assistance for the repair, improvement or adaptation of private dwellings in appropriate circumstances
  • provide support to elderly people and other vulnerable households to undertake adaptations within their homes

Hazards within the home

The Environmental Protection Team responds to requests for assistance, advice and information about housing conditions from customers living in homes they rent from a landlord or that they own. Requests can also come from interested third parties such as parents of students in rented homes or from occupiers of neighbouring properties.

If you rent your home and it's in poor condition we can ensure that your landlord undertakes repairs or improves the property to remove hazards for which they are responsible.

More advice

You can find more information on the following websites:

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