Procurement - policy

Rules and procedures

The council is obliged to advertise its tenders in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) where the expected value (over the whole contract duration) will exceed:

  • £164,176 for supplies contracts
  • £164,176 for services contracts
  • £589,148 for social services contracts
  • £4,104,394 for works contracts

Strict timescales are provided to ensure reasonable time to respond to adverts and prepare tender submissions. Companies expressing interest are normally sent a pre-qualification questionnaire, the responses to which are used to determine the tender shortlist. Tender documents will outline the criteria to be used to evaluate bids but will generally be based on an assessment of the best offer taking account of not only price but whole life cost and related quality/service issues.

Council tender procedure

The council's own contract standing orders state that in cases where expenditure on works, services or supplies is anticipated to be more than £100,000 a formal tendering exercise will be undertaken.

Council quotation procedure

In cases where expenditure on works, services or supplies is expected to fall below £100,000 a quotation exercise will be undertaken inviting not less than three organisations (wherever possible) to bid.

Alternatively, tenderers for works contracts where the value falls below the EU threshold of £4,322,012 may be selected from constructionline - a national database.


In accordance with government guidelines, the council publishes:

containing details of all council contracts.

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